A community college that is not actively engaged with their community can lose focus and suffer from credibility and relevancy problems. Rich Gross Solutions provides innovative tools to help you better engage stakeholders to solve this and other higher education challenges.

Developing new relationships and strengthening existing ones will lead to generations of sustained support for any community college. We’ll show you how to establish and nurture the right relationships to benefit your long-term fundraising goals.

We’ve been in your shoes, have felt the pressures you feel, and have worked countless hours in support of the same mission. We combine our experience in fundraising, feasibility studies, higher education consulting and leadership development to help guide you in fulfilling your mission.

Full Service Higher Education Consulting Agency

As one of the top higher education consulting firms in the country, our goal is to establish long-term financial partnerships between you and your community through the use of feasibility studies, innovative fundraising campaigns and leadership development. Collectively, Rich Gross Solutions has successfully raised millions of dollars from the private sector by addressing local workforce needs, strengthening resource development and establishing institutional advancement programs.

Our Consulting Team

The Rich Gross Solutions team consists of highly experienced higher education consultants dedicated to connecting you with the tools needed to build quality relationships and improve support from your community.

Rich Gross, Ph.D. CEO
Rich Gross, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder
"Higher education success starts with establishing relationships within the community."

Higher Education Leadership Resources

Through our association with many community and technical colleges throughout the nation, we've gained unique insight into the internal challenges, opportunities and visions common to our nation's higher education programs. Take advantage of our experience and learn how your organization or college can achieve success through leadership, workforce and resource development efforts.