3 Quick Daily LinkedIn To-Do List for Higher Ed Professionals

With social media coming increasingly to the forefront, LinkedIn is one network that higher education professionals should definitely be paying attention to. Not only does it provide you with valuable information on what is happening in the education industry, but it is also a great source for information on who the active players are in the space and what the competition is up to.

Moreover, LinkedIn is ultimately a tactical resource for higher education professionals. Using it actively is a fantastic way to increase collaboration in the space and use more innovative methods. Keeping it updated is also a way to establish your experience in the industry and gain recognition amongst professional peers. Here is a quick daily LinkedIn to-do list for higher education professionals.

1) Keep your profile updated

Once a day (or if that is excessive, at least once every few weeks) you should go through your profile and make sure you have not missed out on any section or a professional experience. Is your contact information up-to-date, are your publications in order and can your experience or summary be improved in any way? Keep fresh eyes on your profile once a day to make sure that you are represented well to the outside world.

2) Indulge in thought leadership

Once a day, try to share something that will be of interest to your professional peers. You do not need to be publishing a long-form article each day, but sharing informative content cements your social media identity as a useful resource in the industry. Try to limit posts to 1-2 a day, so you do not overwhelm or fatigue peers in your network, but definitely try to share relevant content that could be helpful to someone.

3) Participate in your favorite groups

Once you have identified the higher education group that best fits your need, make sure to participate in it on a regular basis. Not only does doing so establish you as an experienced industry leader, but it also helps your profile gain visibility and make stronger connection. Use it as a daily tool for networking and staying updated on what is happening within higher education.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for higher education professionals when wielded correctly. Daily engagement is a great way to gain visibility and open the door for collaborations with others in the industry, while establishing yourself as an experienced professional in the higher education industry.

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