5 Social Media Myths Your College Foundation Should Ignore

By now, we’ve all figured out that Social Media is here to stay and that it can play an important role in Community College fundraising. The problem is that many foundation and alumni shops are handcuffed by common myths about the role of social media in college advancement.

Here are five myths your foundation should ignore.

  1. We Have to Have Lots of Followers
    Having thousands of followers isn’t a bad thing, but that should not be your goal. Instead, focus on developing engaged followers with whom you have meaningful interaction. Ten highly engaged followers are literally ten times more valuable than a thousand un-engaged followers.


  1. The More Posts the Better
    Actually, the majority of “un-likes” or “un-follows” of charitable organizations (43%) is because they post too much. Just like myth #1, quality wins over quantity. In our experience, this myth has more to do with posting content that is timely and relevant. If your posts meet these criteria then you’re likely doing well.


  1. It’s Best to Remove Negative Comments & Feedback
    Assuming criticism is constructive and professional, avoid the temptation to delete it. Deleting negative comments is more likely to add fuel to the fire. Rather, leverage the opportunity to respond openly to the critique. A direct and response is more likely to earn new fans of your college.


  1. Posts Should be Meticulously Curated
    Be Human. It’s not just okay, but expected that your Social Media content be less formal than other writings like a Case for Support or Annual Report. Be human and don’t get too hung up on things like ending sentences with a preposition. Your supporters use Social Media for relevant information they can relate to. (See what I did there?)


  1. Never Post During Off-Peak Hours
    This myth is a bit of trick. What I really mean is: don’t follow an arbitrary schedule you read about online. Your followers have their own unique social media habits. Take the time to experiment with when you posts certain types of content and let the results drive your posting strategy.
Social Media Myths Community College

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