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Maximinze Non Profit Donations Rich Gross Solutions

Want to Maximize Giving? It’s Simpler Than You Think

Where should fundraisers spend their time? The answer is simple—spend it with those who are inclined to give. But how can we know…
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What we can learn from Brian Williams - Rich Gross Solutions

What We Can Learn from Brian Williams

NBC Brian Williams’ saga of altering history, whether innocent or not, is instructive of the need to take great care about what you…
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Fundraising is About Cultivating Relationships Rich Gross Solutions

Fundraising is all about cultivating relationships

Small, rural community colleges face some obstacles when it comes to fundraising, but some colleges have succeeded through forming strong personal relationships with…
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Courage and Leadership in Higher Education Rich Gross Solutions

Leadership and Courage

I've never been a fan of acronyms.  Sometimes I find them a little too simplistic for my taste.  However, not long ago I…
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