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women making a donation online

How To Increase Your Fiscal Year-End Fundraising

Fundraising is an integral part of nonprofit operations, and developing a solid fundraising strategy is crucial for success. According to the Blackbaud Institute's 2017 report,…
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community college students

Turning Students into Donors

Have you ever wondered what separates schools with seemingly inelastic enrollment numbers, from those schools that struggle to keep student numbers trending upward?…
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Computer screen of grant application

10 Grant Writing Tips for Higher Education

If you are writing a grant, you probably already know that the business of getting funding is quite competitive. By observing the following…
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College students with donate art

The Psychology of Charity: Top Five Reasons Donors Give

Human psychology is the key to understanding the concept of donating, and it's also the secret to developing the persuasive prowess that promotes…
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