Sometimes the best laid plans go – not as planned. Having recently completed an extensive feasibility study with a large group of interviewees on some new initiatives, we discovered that presenting the facts sometimes doesn’t mean a thing. The point of a study is to research what constituents will support – are the initiatives feasible? […]

Sometimes on the way to making the ask of the usual suspects, someone comes out of nowhere with a donation to your college. As an interviewer for feasibility studies, I have been given contacts for people who would never step foot at your higher education facility but have been touched by a program or initiative […]

Just released from the “Trends Report 2016” produced by the Chronicle of Higher Education are 10 key higher-education trends for college leaders. Among the trends listed is: “A reliance on better marketing to survive enrollment challenges and create a stronger institutional identity.” Digging into this trend, marketing is key to a successful institution that meets […]