Fundraising is an integral part of nonprofit operations, and developing a solid fundraising strategy is crucial for success. According to the Blackbaud Institute’s 2017 report, December, the calendar year-end (CYE), is the most significant month for generating donations, and June, the fiscal year-end (FYE), is the second most important month for donations. In light of this data, […]

Have you ever wondered what separates schools with seemingly inelastic enrollment numbers, from those schools that struggle to keep student numbers trending upward?  The answer has a lot to do with the engagement of alumni, and the extent to which those who have graduated invest in their Alma Mater. The following are three tips schools […]

Human psychology is the key to understanding the concept of donating, and it’s also the secret to developing the persuasive prowess that promotes giving. The five most common reasons that people donate to charitable causes and their alma maters are: 1. Sense of Obligation Many people donate out of a sense of obligation. The desire […]

Engaging young alumni is changing as the use of technology and the behaviors of each class differs. Understanding how to engage young alumni could be key for colleges as these alumni become more financially stable and able to donate money to the college in the future. 3 Non-Financial Ways that young alumni can give back to […]

What possibilities could you achieve if you knew the secret to successful higher education fundraising trends in 2017?

As we start the new semester, it’s time to look ahead to what 2017 may have in store for community college development efforts. If you are considering a major gifts campaign for the near future, you may be interested in what I’ve seen as emerging priorities to consider as initiatives. As always, scholarships, both cash […]

There is a TV commercial that you’ve probably watched many times. It’s from an auto insurance company that presents strange accident scenarios and concludes with the statement that they’ve both seen it and covered it before. While the examples they use are far-fetched and primarily for entertainment value, the point they’re making is valid. You […]

I recently was interviewed by a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education who was interested in learning about the challenges of in-kind donations. I’ve also had development directors ask me about what to look for when evaluating these types of gifts as well. So, I thought I’d take a few minutes and mention a […]

We’ve run across a couple of instances lately where a college development office or college leadership team has expressed frustration with either their foundation board, alumni organization, or college support group. On several occasions one or more of these organizations have undertaken projects on their own that were at odds with the direction of the […]

Where should you look for planned gift donors? People with money, you say. That’s a good start, but you’ll need to know more than that. To start with, many planned gift donors are not wealthy. Consider the fact that seventy to ninety percent of planned gifts come in the form of bequests. You don’t need […]

Sometimes on the way to making the ask of the usual suspects, someone comes out of nowhere with a donation to your college. As an interviewer for feasibility studies, I have been given contacts for people who would never step foot at your higher education facility but have been touched by a program or initiative […]

We often recommend that a community college engage in a campaign about every five years. If it’s been that long since your last campaign, chances are that the conditions and priorities in your service area that helped fuel support for the last campaign have changed. We recognize that community colleges serve stakeholders best when aligning […]

Here are two things you already know: Stewarding a meaningful major gift relationship is not a process that should be rushed. Many community colleges feel pressured to rush the process in order to meet critical organizational needs. It is not uncommon for fundraising professionals to find themselves in the position of choosing between funding urgent […]

Your organization doesn’t have to be a major museum, hospital or university to have a planned giving program. And a development officer doesn’t need to be an accountant or lawyer to seek planned gifts. Approximately two thirds of all planned gifts come in the form of bequests. And the more complicated charitable remainder trusts are […]

Are you new to major gifts fundraising? If you are, you’re probably concerned about establishing person-to-person relationships. How do you get to know people? How do you develop a rapport that will lead to successful solicitation? It’s been said that God gave us one mouth and two ears, so we should use them in that […]

Can’t say that I am an expert but I do have a lot of experience conducting interviews for feasibility studies at colleges, museums and other entities. Feasibility studies are just that…is it feasible to conduct a campaign for certain initiatives that enhance the institution, advance the mission or strategically guide a group. Good data helps […]

First of all a confession – I’m not an economist. But I’ve been around long enough to predict with certainty that recessions and recoveries are cyclical and there will be another recession in the not too distant future. They are the natural order of our economic system. The last recession, starting in 2008, was severe […]

This morning I had the honor of partnering with Shannon Hair, VP of Advancement at Danville Community College in Virginia, to present at this year’s CRD Conference. We had a wonderful conversation with a group of 35 college leaders about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of crafting and managing a college campaign. […]

Whether you’re a university, a community college or an arts organization, your fundraising success will depend upon making a compelling case for support. But before starting, I need to make an important distinction: A case for support is different than a case statement. The former is an argument addressing why you are deserving of support […]

Yogi Berra made significant contributions to baseball, humor and fundraising. Wait, fundraising? Yes, fundraising. Whether he knew it or not, Yogi gave us a number useful insights for making the most of your college’s fundraising efforts. As with all of life’s most important lessons, his wisdom is simple yet powerful. Here are a few of […]