The story was hidden away in the bigger story of the typhoon that struck the Philippines. A gentleman and his family owned a subsistence farm handed down from generations and located near the sea. With the approach of the storm, he moved his family to higher ground and stayed below to protect his precious asset. […]

As we start the new semester, it’s time to look ahead to what 2017 may have in store for community college development efforts. If you are considering a major gifts campaign for the near future, you may be interested in what I’ve seen as emerging priorities to consider as initiatives. As always, scholarships, both cash […]

The most fundamental cause of the loss of manufacturing jobs is not companies abandoning US manufacturing; rather it’s the growth of technology.

We often recommend that a community college engage in a campaign about every five years. If it’s been that long since your last campaign, chances are that the conditions and priorities in your service area that helped fuel support for the last campaign have changed. We recognize that community colleges serve stakeholders best when aligning […]

Here are two things you already know: Stewarding a meaningful major gift relationship is not a process that should be rushed. Many community colleges feel pressured to rush the process in order to meet critical organizational needs. It is not uncommon for fundraising professionals to find themselves in the position of choosing between funding urgent […]

We all know how hard it is to get back to work after spending time off for the holidays. Sometimes it helps to have a special project or two to help us get back into the routine. I’ve often recommended that we set aside some time in January to focus on projects that may not […]

Can’t say that I am an expert but I do have a lot of experience conducting interviews for feasibility studies at colleges, museums and other entities. Feasibility studies are just that…is it feasible to conduct a campaign for certain initiatives that enhance the institution, advance the mission or strategically guide a group. Good data helps […]

First of all a confession – I’m not an economist. But I’ve been around long enough to predict with certainty that recessions and recoveries are cyclical and there will be another recession in the not too distant future. They are the natural order of our economic system. The last recession, starting in 2008, was severe […]

As I work with my clients in the field I often identify my role differently depending on the situation. Sometimes I’m a consultant and sometimes I am counsel. To many the difference may seem trivial, but I think it points to a very important distinction in the types of services and relationships we bring to […]

It’s no secret that the Internet has given community colleges unprecedented ability to engage donors. Social media services, online fundraising strategies, crowd funding platforms and mobile tools are invaluable resources for growing support for your college’s mission and it all starts with your website. Unfortunately, in order to see real success from online efforts it’s […]

As I’m sitting down to write this there seems to be a couple of news items that are making the rounds.  One has to do with a decision by some state officials in Florida to prohibit the use of the phrases “climate change” or “global warming” in official state documents.  The other has to do […]