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Development Assessment

Properly assessing your college’s ability to achieve its fundraising goals is a critical part of campaign preparation. We will use proven metrics and feedback from key stakeholders to provide you with a plan for preparing to launch a successful campaign.

A Development Assessment is designed to gauge how well you and your institutional advancement office is positioned to raise funds through a campaign or other activities. We review your staffing, performance, and processes related to generating, investing, and spending resources. We'll also talk with your leadership team, representative foundation and governing board members to determined support for the institutional advancement office activities. 

Finally, we'll compare all of these attributes to best practices in the field. The result of your Development Assessment will be a comprehensive written report that provides an analysis of current status plus recommendations for improvement. Any recommendations will also come with projected timelines, budgets, and any other operational considerations tailored to the culture of your community college or organization.

Two Assessments to Fit Your Needs

Development Assessments are not one-size-fits-all. Rich Gross Solutions offers stand-alone assessments to help prepare for a future campaign or to improve your fundraising performance. We also conduct campaign-based assessments if you're looking to move directly into a campaign and need to improve your operations quickly to prepare for the campaign. Contact us and we'll determine which assessment will best fit your needs.

Higher Education Downloads

Through our association with many community and technical colleges throughout the nation, we've gained unique insight into the internal challenges, opportunities and visions common to our nation's higher education programs. Take advantage of our experience and learn how your organization or college can achieve success through leadership, workforce and resource development efforts.