Feasibility Studies

One size does not fit all. We leverage a variety of proven strategies to ensure that you get the information you need to make sound decisions and move your college forward.

A Feasibility Study provides your institution with the information on significant prospect donors and recommendations necessary to plan and implement a successful major gifts campaign.  The Feasibility Study analyzes four requirements vital to a successful major gifts campaign - the program appeal, the availability of financial support, leadership considerations and campaign framework.

The results of a study need to provide the organization with a clear road map of how, when and where to proceed as well as the chances of success. RGS will employ the right set of tools and strategies for your feasibility study and will custom design the process based upon your unique needs. A Feasibility Study from Rich Gross Solutions will also provide your leadership team with information to build stronger relationships with the community, businesses and industry irrespective of the campaign.


A Feasibility Study Can Determine:

How much money can be raised

Timelines for a campaign

Insights about perceptions of the college or organization

Potential lead gift donors

Potential campaign volunteers

Potential leadership (i.e. Chairs) of a campaign

Potential competition

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