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Grant Writing

In an era of declining public funding and higher fixed costs, successful grant development can play a critical role in helping your college fulfill its mission.  Of course, as the need for external funding increases so does the competition for securing additional funding.

With a full suite of grant writing services, RGS is positioned to partner with you to develop and execute a plan that meets your college’s unique grant development needs. Whether that need is an extra pair of eyes to review proposals or comprehensive grant services, RGS will work with you to create a package that addresses your organization’s priorities.

Grant Writing Seminars

After listening to your organization’s needs, RGS will plan and conduct a seminar designed to build on participants’ grant-writing skills. You will identify up to 10 team members who will complete the seminar and then contribute to your organization’s grant development activities.

New Grant Proposal Development 

RGS will work closely with your college’s team to develop grant applications in response to RFPs that you have identified. In addition, RGS will guide you through the application process, including communications with the funding source.

Proposal Review, Editing, or Rewriting

Beginning with your existing proposal, RGS team members will read and review the proposal and offer recommendations for revisions. If requested, RGS will also edit or rewrite the proposal.

General Writing and Research Services

In collaboration with your team members, RGS will assist in website content design, case statements, campaign collateral,  and press releases. RGS will also assist in researching potential funding sources and conduct other research related to the development of grant applications.

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