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Legislative Relations

Legislative relations is more than lobbying.  We'll build ongoing relationships with elected officials, including them in college activities, and pro-actively work with legislative committees, members of the executive branch, and others who can help generate future legislative priorities in support of the community college.

Many administrators and supporters of community colleges and other public organizations understand the many ways that these institutions support quality of life and economic and workforce development in the communities, regions, and states that they serve.  It's only natural that legislators, governors, and other elected officials also understand how these organizations advance the interests of the state. 

Building effective legislative relationships is a process that can help put together coalitions of support for the mission and services provided by your organization, and can help make your agenda a higher priority among these officials.  Often, organizations think of legislative advocacy as lobbying.  Although lobbying is a component, it is more beneficial to view effective legislative relationship building as a year round process.

Our Process

The Rich Gross Solutions' process can help individual colleges, presidents, lobbyists, system offices, and other community organizations in understanding the issues and processes involved in building effective legislative relationships that will help advance your agenda both in times of economic stability as well as challenge.  The process is built on a best practices approach shared by effective college advocates as well as other organizations with track records of legislative success.

Assess your Institution and System

Rich Gross Solutions will assess the status of your current legislative program and develop effective communications based on an environmental scan.  We'll then build effective relationships among legislators and create effective relationships with the private sectors and other stakeholder groups.

The Year-Round Process

During the year-round legislative relations period between Rich Gross Solution we'll be busy building relationships with legislators while demonstrating the traits of an effective lobbyist. We'll track dynamic statewide issues while building a plan and executing coalitions and annual events.

During the Session

During the legislation session we'll focus on building personal relationships with committee members and understanding committee rules. Rich Gross Solutions will educate your organization on how to win a debate, how to speak with legislators, how to work with the Governor and governmental agencies, and how to strike an agreement.

The Follow-Up

Our follow-up process includes assessing your performance, including the Community Summit process. We'll also see you through the process of hiring a lobbyist and setting the next advocacy agenda.

Our process involves interactive, hands-on workshops as well as one-on-one consulting opportunities.  We can tailor this service to meet the specific goals and timelines you have for a budget you can afford.  Contact us now and we can begin preparing your organization for the next legislative session.

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