Content Marketing Strategy

Major Gifts Campaign

A campaign is more than generating immediate cash. It should also provide a pathway to new and renewed relationships with the college’s service area to ensure long-term financial success, improved services and meaningful partnerships.

A Major Gifts Campaign can help dramatically move your institution forward and help build and sustain important community and regional relationships. It can include initiatives to start or grow programs, services, facility improvements, scholarships, and more. The advantage of any Major Gifts Campaign is the introduction to a more diverse set of donors due to the higher dollar goal. Individuals, corporations and foundations who invest dollars in a college have many different reasons for doing so and a major gifts campaign can provide a larger number of campaign entry points for investors.

Our Approach to Campaigns

Establish the plan that will meet your immediate financial goals.

Develop a fundraising plan that will provide continued success.

Build relationships with the community that will impact future success.

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