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Planned Giving

A successful Planned Giving program gives the opportunity for an individual to arrange their estate in a way that will meet their financial needs, while at the same time assisting the college to fulfill its mission. 

Planned Giving doesn’t have to be difficult. And you don’t have to be a legal and financial expert to be successful. If you can understand the basic concepts of deferred giving and the characteristics of a handful of commonly used giving vehicles, you can put “PG-phobia” behind you and conduct a successful Planned Giving program.

We can help you develop a marketing plan, provide you high-quality promotional materials, train and monitor your volunteers, and give your donors access to charitable investment options that can get investors started with as little as $5,000. As the understanding of your mission expands and your planned giving stewardship grows, their support will increase.

Planned Giving Consortium

We can also create and manage a Planned Giving Consortium, through which you collaborate with non-competing organizations to operate independent, state-of-the-art, Planned Giving programs at substantial cost savings. Working together, you get a fully functioning program at a substantial savings from the typical cost. Ask us how your organization can become part of a Planned Giving Consortium.

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