4 Ways to to Prepare for Media Leaks

Should a cockpit recording of the doomed GermanWings flight been leaked by a German tabloid newspaper?

Having viewed a spirited discussion of the issue on CNN, I noted the point counterpoint so favored by the “entertainment-media” of today. One journalist defended the leak as the public’s right to know everything there is about a subject. Others strenuously objected citing the fact that the transcript was “leaked” in the midst of an active criminal investigation and that the public already knew enough about the matter. What was revealed in excrutiating (some say in the category of too much information)of course was the agony of the locked out pilot and passengers as the plane slowly descended into a mountainside at the hand of the co-pilot. You may ask, why is this relevant to you? You are not flying an airplane anytime soon and presumably don’t own an airline company. The relevance lies in the bigger issue and indication of the kind of world in which we live today and your need to understand the macro forces of a proliferation of “information without context” that can take anything you say or do and make instant media ratings fodder of it.

What is your defense? Your only defense is to understand better the media world in which we do our business today and double down on your efforts to:

1. Know your Purpose and mission backwards and forwards;

2. Be Prepared by understanding the macro and micro forces at play;

3. Plan appropriate for possibilities that may arise and finally;

4. Understand that the Perspective of leadership provides you with the undergirding to handle what may come with grace.

Remember, you have no choice but to lead when the moment arises…

Bringing it home to colleges and universities on how one story, no matter how despicable as this one was, or another less so can rule the airwaves … just ask President David Boren of the University of Oklahoma. Be Prepared. You can’t prevent what may happen but you can mitigate.

How to Prepare for Media Leaks - Rich Gross Solutions

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