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Each week, our team of experts will put share their experiences, tips and viewpoints in all areas of higher education consulting, leadership, and fundraising. We're a team that consists of tenured individuals who have made it their life’s work to help solve some of the issues surrounding community colleges today. Some of our topics include:

  • How to connect and establish relationships with your alumni
  • Ways to create impact with all generations of people
  • How to raise more on a tight budget
  • How to properly manage your reputation online
  • Ways to prepare for a feasibility study
  • And more!

OK, Boomer.

The Negative Affect of Generational Clichés on Institutional Advancement OK, I get the cliché.  I will admit that I’m of that boomer generation,…
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Is Your Community College Too Transparent Rich Gross Solutions

Could your community college be too transparent?

In a world where transparency and disclosure are lauded as the answer to creating an informed citizenry, a past New York Times article…
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When was napping a crime?

Why are we continuing to be confronted with stories revealing the disturbing reality that certain people, owing to a particular aspect of their…
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Why Dodging Coconuts?

The story was hidden away in the bigger story of the typhoon that struck the Philippines. A gentleman and his family owned a…
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women making a donation online

How To Increase Your Fiscal Year-End Fundraising

Fundraising is an integral part of nonprofit operations, and developing a solid fundraising strategy is crucial for success. According to the Blackbaud Institute's 2017 report,…
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community college students

Turning Students into Donors

Have you ever wondered what separates schools with seemingly inelastic enrollment numbers, from those schools that struggle to keep student numbers trending upward?…
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Computer screen of grant application

10 Grant Writing Tips for Higher Education

If you are writing a grant, you probably already know that the business of getting funding is quite competitive. By observing the following…
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College students with donate art

The Psychology of Charity: Top Five Reasons Donors Give

Human psychology is the key to understanding the concept of donating, and it's also the secret to developing the persuasive prowess that promotes…
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Higher Education LinkedIn Screen

3 Quick Daily LinkedIn To-Do List for Higher Ed Professionals

With social media coming increasingly to the forefront, LinkedIn is one network that higher education professionals should definitely be paying attention to. Not…
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What We Learn from United Airlines?

The recent incident at United Airlines of dragging a paying “bumped” customer off an airliner provides learning lessons for any organization that operates…
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3 Non-Financial Ways Young Alumni Give Back

Engaging young alumni is changing as the use of technology and the behaviors of each class differs. Understanding how to engage young alumni…
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The Top 5 Higher Education Fundraising Trends for 2017

The Top 5 Higher Education Fundraising Trends for 2017

What possibilities could you achieve if you knew the secret to successful higher education fundraising trends in 2017?
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What's the plan for your community college in 2017?

Emerging Campaign Initiatives You Should Consider in 2017

As we start the new semester, it’s time to look ahead to what 2017 may have in store for community college development efforts.…
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If All Roads Were Straight Why Would We Need a Steering Wheel?

There is a TV commercial that you’ve probably watched many times. It’s from an auto insurance company that presents strange accident scenarios and…
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You Can Lead Them to Water…

Sometimes the best laid plans go – not as planned. Having recently completed an extensive feasibility study with a large group of interviewees…
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The Joys and Sorrows of In-Kind Donations

I recently was interviewed by a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education who was interested in learning about the challenges of in-kind…
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The Election is Over – Where are the Jobs?

The most fundamental cause of the loss of manufacturing jobs is not companies abandoning US manufacturing; rather it’s the growth of technology.
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Stop Blaming the Newspaper

Stop Blaming the Newspaper

A recent above the fold front page story featured a newly appointed board chair of a local school board who is currently in…
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Engage Them (Or You May Have to Catch Them)

We’ve run across a couple of instances lately where a college development office or college leadership team has expressed frustration with either their…
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What’s Your Organizational Grant Strategy: Compete or Collaborate?

Did you hear the one about the college whose endowment pockets were so deep that its students were just a sideline and not…
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