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Each week, our team of experts will put share their experiences, tips and viewpoints in all areas of higher education consulting, leadership, and fundraising. We're a team that consists of tenured individuals who have made it their life’s work to help solve some of the issues surrounding community colleges today. Some of our topics include:

  • How to connect and establish relationships with your alumni
  • Ways to create impact with all generations of people
  • How to raise more on a tight budget
  • How to properly manage your reputation online
  • Ways to prepare for a feasibility study
  • And more!
CFRE Fundraising Rich Gross Solutions

How a CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) Can Be a Game Changer for Your Community College

During the first five years as a development officer at my community college, I learned about the CFRE credential and was envious of…
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Does Your Community College's Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Rich Gross Solutions

Does Your Community College’s Actions Speak Louder?

As I’m sitting down to write this there seems to be a couple of news items that are making the rounds.  One has…
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3 Ways To Escape Media Scrutiny Rich Gross Solutions

3 Ways to Escape Media Scrutiny

Media is all abuzz over Fox Network’s defense of Bill O’Reilly and his alleged fabrication of news story details during his early beat…
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Maximinze Non Profit Donations Rich Gross Solutions

Want to Maximize Giving? It’s Simpler Than You Think

Where should fundraisers spend their time? The answer is simple—spend it with those who are inclined to give. But how can we know…
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What we can learn from Brian Williams - Rich Gross Solutions

What We Can Learn from Brian Williams

NBC Brian Williams’ saga of altering history, whether innocent or not, is instructive of the need to take great care about what you…
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Fundraising is About Cultivating Relationships Rich Gross Solutions

Fundraising is all about cultivating relationships

Small, rural community colleges face some obstacles when it comes to fundraising, but some colleges have succeeded through forming strong personal relationships with…
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Courage and Leadership in Higher Education Rich Gross Solutions

Leadership and Courage

I've never been a fan of acronyms.  Sometimes I find them a little too simplistic for my taste.  However, not long ago I…
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