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Strategic Planning & Guidance

How many times has your organization participated in a Strategic Planning process that didn’t seem to make much difference in the long run? Our Strategic Planning and Guidance process helps you ask the right questions so that your organization can develop a strategic plan that works.

Our Strategic Planning and Guidance program helps your community college, foundation or organization by setting goals, determining the best strategies to meet those goals, communicating the plan with appointed members of your organization and developing a plan.

Based on anticipated changes in your external environment, we’ll determine what will impact your mission and describe how to access the resources for success. Our process starts by asking the right people the right questions and inputting the data into a proprietary tool designed specifically for community colleges.

Performance ScanTM is an internet-based tool designed to gather internal stakeholder input on a wide variety of topics. It provides colleges with a comprehensive profile that charts the performance of these variables across a dual axis that includes both perceived quality of performance and perceived level of importance.

You Need Strategic Planning and Guidance

Our Strategic Planning and Guidance process at Rich Gross Solutions helps you ask the right people the right questions so your organization can develop a strategic plan that works now and into the future.

Be Pro-Active

Rich Gross Strategic Planning and Guidance allows you to take advantage of opportunities that may or may not arise due to an unforeseen external change.

Be Productive

Performance ScanTM data takes the guess work out of campaign planning so you can focus on the most efficient activities and resources.

Have a Plan

A structured plan will unveil a vision for future direction in shaping your college, foundation or organization’s mission and values.

Higher Education Downloads

Through our association with many community and technical colleges throughout the nation, we've gained unique insight into the internal challenges, opportunities and visions common to our nation's higher education programs. Take advantage of our experience and learn how your organization or college can achieve success through leadership, workforce and resource development efforts.