To Market, to Market – again?

Just released from the “Trends Report 2016” produced by the Chronicle of Higher Education are 10 key higher-education trends for college leaders. Among the trends listed is: “A reliance on better marketing to survive enrollment challenges and create a stronger institutional identity.” Digging into this trend, marketing is key to a successful institution that meets those needs of its students and constituents, the economic growth and sustainability of higher education. In this day of all things online, how does the ‘place’ of higher education stand up to the ‘cloud’? How do you get ‘students’ to come to your door – be it virtual or brick and mortar? Are you a preference or last resort for higher education? Who is your competition?

During a feasibility study, Rich Gross Solutions’ team extracts some vital data to answer just those questions.

Perceptions matter.

Do you know how your institution is perceived by the public? Is that perception the real deal or concocted from the mission statement? Who reads that and then makes a decision to attend or seek employment or partner with you or become a major donor? Digging into the sanctum of the public perception may free up a new marketing strategy – new messages – unearthing the lifeblood of your institution. Are there any black eyes that overshadow the great things at your institution?

Does the public know what really happens at your higher education institution? Who is out there talking about your facilities, programs, faculty, or cultural activities? Are you on the radar screen of businesses that need your graduates? Are you connected with people tucked away who would be delighted to give to a scholarship and help the next generation of students? These are some gems that come out of a feasibility study.

Not all students are alike. Consider their differences and create messages tailored for them.

Is there data that matches programs and careers and real employment opportunities in the area? Is your institution a bridge to economic development or an ancillary program with graduates leaving for places beyond? Who are you missing?

Coming in from outside your institution, RGS takes a bird’s eye view of the college and how it is perceived, what is good and what overshadows it, what is working and what is not. Through confidential interviews and community summits, we gather information and then assist you in moving forward. Before chasing new markets, make sure you are getting the most out of existing ones. New ways of looking at things, enhancing what is working, connecting with community – all ways we become guide on the side. Rich Gross Solutions is about so much more.

To Market, again? Higher Education Consulting

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